• Hi, I'm Janet

    A true sourdough lover who can't wait to share my sourdough wisdom and passion with you. I would love to help you unlock the secrets and joys of making sourdough and choosing a healthier lifestyle.

    I am a certified Baking as Lifestyle Medicine teacher of The Sourdough School in the UK and would love for you to join me!

    Online or in person.


  • What is Baking as Lifestyle Medicine?

    BALM™ is an acronym for Baking as Lifestyle Medicine Protocol, is a framework for the way we bake bread and the way we bake, eat and share the bread that optimises nourishment to the gut microbiome to support health and well-being and empowers others to approach bread to improve social equality and environmentalism, fostering a more balanced relationship between us and the food we consume.

    You can find more information on the BALM protocol at www.sourdough.co.uk