Hey, I'm Janet

Sourdough fanatic, proud mom to a wonderfully neuro-diverse boy, wife of an amazing husband, and just your everyday girl from South Africa with a big heart for nutrition! 

Why the name Grace and Crumbs?

Well, having previously held the role of a pastor, my commitment to offering assistance and support to others was a driving force. Reflecting on this background, I decided to name my business Grace and Crumbs, 3 years ago. I believe there is abundant grace in the seemingly insignificant aspects of life—the crumbs that often go unnoticed or are discarded. My mission is to highlight and cherish these small, meaningful moments that are often overlooked.

As a Baking as Lifestyle Medicine Teacher, I've transformed my love for sourdough into a journey of health and happiness. With a busy schedule, I understand the need for simplicity. That's why I'm your go-to girl! I'm here to make sourdough accessible and budget-friendly for you.

It is my mission to change the perceptions about bread and your health and to empower you with evidence based research so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Together, we can knead, rise, and embrace a more vibrant lifestyle. I'd be honoured to teach and support you every step of the way!

Much love,

Janet x!

P.s. Thank you @ilovemstudio for the beautiful photo

Join me!
  • Never too late to start

    Magician, alchemist, miracle worker that we call Sourdough is what I am passionate about.

    Humble ingredients like flour, water and salt dancing together to create magic in our bodies and a feast for the eyes. Once you've tasted sourdough, you will never look at bread the same way.

  • Where do I start?

    In the Sourdough process, commercial yeast is not involved. Instead, it relies on a slow and time-honored method. Flour and water are combined and left to create a unique bond, akin to a special friendship. By introducing time and wild yeast, a culture is nurtured, which becomes the key to leavening your bread.

    This natural wild yeast requires patience, but the wait is incredibly rewarding because it doesn't compromise on nutrition. In contrast, yeasted breads are typically prepared within a short 1-2 hour timeframe, which significantly impacts the nutritional quality.

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  • Sourdough for life

    There's nothing quite like the warmth of homemade bread, crafted with love and best enjoyed with a generous spread of butter. However, if you're anything like me, one bite can lead to a tummy uproar.

    My sourdough journey transformed my life in ways I could never have envisioned. I firmly believe that everyone deserves access to genuine bread, crafted from real, wholesome ingredients. I assure you, your gut will adore and appreciate it.

    Sourdough isn't just a one-time affair; it's a lifelong commitment. Its potential lies in its ability to heal, nurture, and help you see life from a brand-new perspective.

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